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Household Recycling Do’s and Don’ts

Sep 4, 2019 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

Have you ever paused in front of your recycling bin and asked yourself; Should I be recycling this? Yes, we’ve been there. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-follow Household Recycling Do’s and Don’ts List. If you don’t have time to read the entire list, here are two very important takeaways. 1. You can’t recycle plastic grocery plastic bags, or any type of plastic bag or food wrappers. 2. Also, you can’t recycle greasy or dirty food containers. Please wash them out! Ok, now we can continue with the rest of the list!

List of Household Recycling Do’s and Don’ts

Recycling Do’s:

  • Recycle Plastics — You can generally Recycle plastics #1 through #7 in your weekly household recycling.
  • Metal Cans & Aluminum Foil Pans — Recycle all food and drink metal cans. These are some of the easiest items to recycle. Furthermore, be sure to recycle all clean aluminum, steel, and bi-metal household containers that have a recycling sign on the bottom.
  • Cardboard, Magazines, and Newspapers — You can include catalogs, newspapers, paperback books, phone books, and even pizza boxes in your household recycling. However, you MUST only recycle CLEAN pizza boxes.
  • Paper — You can recycle most paper based food boxes, as long as they are clean. You can recycle most household paper products that don’t have any glitter or other non-paper materials glued to them. Learn more about recycling wrapping paper and cards here. 

Now that we’ve provided you with a list of item you can recycle, next is a list of Items you CAN’T put in the recycling.

Recycling Don’ts:

  • No Hazardous Waste — Household Hazardous Waste Includes: batteries, cleaning solutions, cans with wet paint, etc. Learn more about what items are Household Hazardous Waste here.
  • No Electronics — A general rule of thumb is, if it has a cord, it should not go in your municipal recycling. This includes (but is not limited to): cell phones, computers, printers, TVs, cables, microwaves, and other small appliances. It is against the las to throw e-waste in the trash in the state of Indiana.
  • No Light Bulbs — Light bulbs don’t go in your household recycling…ever. Learn more about where to recycle light bulbs here. 
  • No Plastics Without Numbers — If you are looking at a plastic item that doesn’t have a number, you can’t recycle it. Some common items that you might run into are: toys, clothes hangers, plastic straws, plastic to-go cup lids, and lawn chairs.
    • Try to donate or reuse these items instead, if they are in decent condition.
  • No Construction Debris — Construction debris includes items like: nails, screws, woods, drywall, concrete products, light fixtures etc.

We hoped we provided you with good information on what you can and can’t recycle in your home. But do you currently have a surplus of both junk and recyclable items around your home that you want  to get rid, but don’t have the time for? Are you looking for a trusted team of individuals to help get you clutter-free, while also placing an emphasis on recycling? Then give Fire Dawgs Junk Removal a call and we’ll handle all your junk removal needs? But why choose Fire Dawgs?

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