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Help Loading and Unloading PODS

May 7, 2013 | Blog, Services We Provide

During the moving process, it is not uncommon for homeowners to find themselves in precarious situations. Often times in today’s economy, homeowners will list their homes assuming it will take 2-3 months before a sale. Low and behold, they sell it within two weeks and now don’t know what to do with all their belongings! They rent a storage unit as quickly as possible to get their game plan in motion but they forgot about the physical labor involved with loading their items. When you need Help Loading and Unloading PODS, call the team at Fire Dawgs .

Help Loading and Unloading PODS

Help Loading and Unloading PODS

The aforementioned example is only one of many scenarios that may leave you needing help loading and unloading PODS. One thing that all scenarios have in common however is that they can easily become very stressful and exhausting. When you hire our off duty firefighters, veterans and service members, you are getting a group of men you can trust with your belongings. However, you may be asking what does help loading and unloading PODS have to do with a junk removal company?

More About Our Moving Help Services

Fire Dawgs is the most trusted and reliable junk removal company providing junk hauling Indianapolis can trust. However, our technicians can load and unload storage units and rented moving trucks. On these particular jobs, sometimes all it takes is a two man crew. So, we will often times send our skilled junk removal crew, and they will show up to provide help with the heavy lifting and loading and unloading.

The convenient aspect in this labor only service is that when we show up with our skilled team and in our junk removal truck. This means that you have two convenient services at your disposal. When you need Help Loading and Unloading or if you have a need for junk removal Indianapolis can trust, then call 317-291-DAWG and we will be there to take care of you.

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