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Heavy Trash Removal in Indianapolis

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Now that the weekend is over and friends, family and neighbors have all left a path of carnage for you to deal with, it’s time to start the unsavory task of bagging all the leftover remnants. However, after you spend the unthinkable amount of time it takes to gather up all these undesirable leftovers you start to realize that you move than you can stuff into your allotted container. Rather than continuing to think about this mess to pickup, you decide to nurse your headache and enjoy what is left of your weekend with the hope that your trash pickup service will be able to take it all. Unfortunately, unless you have partnered with a company that provides trash removal Indianapolis can trust, then you may be waiting for a while.

You see, what typically happens is that homeowners and property owners assume that their local pickup company can take anything they can throw at em. However, it’s just not the case. More often than not, these companies have their own sets of rules and regulations on how much they can take which puts the property owner in a situation where they have to hoard trash so they can piece meal it all out there, which then leaves that homeowner with the stinky house on the block. Don’t continue to be let down by your Indianapolis trash pickup company, instead call the reliable removers from Fire Dawgs. Our highly reviewed and trusted service can take care of anything you can throw at us!Call  317-291-3294 for all of your  pickup and hauling needs in Indianapolis or you can send us an email and simply Order Online! Read a testimonial below to see what other Indy natives think about our service:

“The two Fire Dawgs employees (Bennett and Jeff)  arrived exactly on time and introduced themselves.  They described their service perfectly and proceeded to remove the accumulation of junk I needed transported out of the yard.  They completed the job in the hour they estimated and cleaned up after themselves.  They were cordial in spite of the extreme heat.  Their professional demeanor is unparalleled.  Payment was simple and direct.  This was perhaps THE most pleasant experience I have ever had.”

Trash Removal Indianapolis Can Trust

Services in Addition to Trash Removal Indianapolis

Our off-duty firefighters can certainly handle all of your trash hauling and pickup needs, but we can offer you these other great services below as well:

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