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Get Rid of Furniture Indianapolis

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How to Get Rid of Furniture in Indianapolis

Have you ever seen that guy driving down the road with a pickup truck full of, well, junk? Yeah, we know those guys all too well and let us just start by clarifying that we are not that type of service provider. We believe that in order to perform the job of junk removal and consider your business professional, that you have to provide a professional service. You see, the problem with those types of operations is that they are typically comprised of guys just trying to make a little extra cash, with cash only deals, and so they loaded up in their pickup truck and started posting ads on Craigslist offering the cheapest prices around. There is nothing wrong with someone taking the initiative and working hard to make an extra buck, but when some someone needs to get rid of furniture Indianapolis and the surrounding areas alike need to know that there are providers that still work hard, but can apply professional standards in the process.

Get Rid of Furniture Indianapolis
Don’t Just Get Rid of Furniture, Let Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Donate It!

You see, when that disco era goes flying off the back of that pickup truck who offered the lowest price, its going to be the fully insured motorist going about his business and playing by the rules that will suffer. While you may have gotten off with a good deal, someone else also pays the price. You see, these types of operations are often uninsured so that when they ding up a wall, back into your garage door or scratch up a door jamb, it’s going to be YOU that is stuck with the bill. Our operation is fully insured when it comes to junk removal Indianapolis can trust and that starts with our screened employees that you can trust in and around your home. We offer them workman’s comp insurance so if they get hurt doing the heavy lifting they are protected. However, we also insure that the homeowner is fully protected in the event there is an incident. We offer $1 Million Liability insurance as well as hauler’s insurance on all of our truck’s so that regardless of the scenario, you as a customer are protected.

Everyone loves a free lunch, but it always comes with strings attached. In the case of too good to be true junk removal prices, it comes at the cost of customer service. When the pickup truck operation shows up and backfires in your driveway like a scene out of Uncle Buck and the crew gets out with cut off T-Shirts looking like they haven’t showered in days, good luck trying to pay them with a credit card so you can get the points! If you have a service provider that only accepts cash, move on and find a company that offers reasonable prices. You see, “reasonable prices” just means what you are willing to pay somebody to do work that you don’t want to do, can’t do or just don’t feel like messing with, but understand that when you are looking for a company to hire offering reasonable prices, still do your due diligence. It’s so easy to type a company into Angie’s List, or into Google, and get a good idea if they are a company you can trust. Most companies also have a Facebook page, like ours where you can find good customer feedback.

Bottom line, when you need to get rid of furniture in Indianapolis, or for any type of junk hauling Indianapolis can trust, check the company out first. Or, call the trusted professionals at Fire Dawgs – 317-291-DAWG. We also have a dumpster rental company if you are looking for a DIY to get rid of furniture. Check out Dumpster Dawgs Dumpster Rental!

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