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January is Get Organized Month

Jan 13, 2017 | Blog, Home Organization

You could probably guess that January is National get organized month! With all of the new loot acquired from the Holidays and New Year’s Resolutions in full swing, it just makes sense. Right? We think so! Getting healthy and getting organized are always the top two most common New Year’s Resolutions. According to NBC and data pulled from Google by iQuanti, there were 33,230,420 searches for “Get Organized” this year! This dipped 7.41% compared to 35,888,700 searches last year. Click Here to check out the rest of the data about 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. Its pretty interesting!

What You Can Do for Get Organized Month

Organization and decluttering are wonderful home improvement projects for January, because much of the work can be done indoors. Clearing space and decluttering in the home is so good for mental health, and definitely helps beat the Winter blues. Getting organized is also pretty cheap! You may need to call a junk removal company (like Fire Dawgs) to haul away items or clean out your basement or attic. The return on investment for the extra space and piece of mind are so worth it! If you don’t need to call in a junk removal company, organization and decluttering is pretty much free! So, here is a list of simple things (that make a HUGE difference) that you can do for Get Organized Month! Your closets will thank you for it.

January is Get Organized Month


  1. Throw Out Items that Don’t Bring You Joy.

    If you are holding on to things, just to have things- it’s time to let go!  Keep only the things that you need or the things that bring you joy. The rest is clutter! We learned this philosophy from master organizer Marie Kondo in her book “the life-changing magic of tidying up.” If your New Year’s Resolution is to read more and get organized, this is a MUST read!

  2. Tackle One Area at a Time.

    Don’t try to organize every room in your house in one day. Hey! You do have a whole month. Organize one or two rooms a week until your whole house is cleaner, tidier, and clutter-free. You will feel so much better when your finished.

  3. Clean the Clutter in the Basement, Attic and Garage.

    These areas are the clutter monsters, especially after the Holidays. It’s easy to just throw boxes in the garage after unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. We get it. During Get Organized Month, take a weekend and tackle the space in your home that’s the biggest clutter monster. Many of our customers call us in to help when time is limited, but the space is needed. Our Pros are definitely happy to help with cleaning out your garage, attic, basement, or any other area of your home. We can also donate good, usage items to local charitable organizations on your behalf.

  4. Donate Items You Don’t Need.

    Donating will help you to feel so good and also accomplish your goals of organization and decluttering. What better way to celebrate Get Organized Month than donating and decluttering? It’s a win-win!

  5. Have Throw Away Days.

    Sometimes you just have to grab a trash bag and announce: “I’m throwing away things I don’t need and things that don’t bring me joy until this bag is full!” Check out our list of Things to Throw Away Today. You know you have expired products around your house that can go now! Get to it!

What Are You Doing for Get Organized Month?

What are your plans to get more organized this month? We would love to know! Comment below with your organization ideas, tips, and tricks! We hope to hear from you! Click Here to learn more about the National Association of Professional Organizers’ Get Organized Month.



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