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Foreclosure Cleanup Indianapolis

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As a lending institution, or a realtor representing a lending institution, you may have a process in place when dealing with foreclosed homes. I don’t know this side of the business, but as a homeowner myself and having worked in foreclosed homes, I would like to think the goal of anyone holding a foreclosed home is to get that property back in “listing condition” so that the home doesn’t detract value from the neighborhood, but also so that the property can become an asset to the realtor and bank. When the property is ready for sale then it’s one step closer to being back in the hands of a caring homeowner that will keep it from falling into disrepair. An important part of this process is foreclosure cleanup Indianapolis can trust.

Foreclosure Cleanup Indianapolis

Foreclosure Cleanup Indianapolis

The picture above is an illustration of a mess that was left behind by a homeowner for others to deal with. I don’t say that to place blame by any means as there are a number of reasons why a home, or basement in this case, is left with junk and clutter. Foreclosure cleanup Indianapolis can trust is a service we offer to provide help for those that inherit the mess. As you can see, the amount of junk and clutter left behind can be overwhelming for one person to try and tackle themselves. However, if you need this work done and done right, then consider a junk removal company like Fire Dawgs.

Foreclosure Cleanup Indianapolis

Foreclosure Cleanup Indianapolis Before

Much like the first picture illustrated the mess and work that would be involved in foreclosure cleanup Indianapolis can trust, this picture shows what we can do when put to task. Our company Fire Dawgs started with a basement full of clutter, junk and a number of nasty things that had been aging for years. After a few hours of hard work clearing out unwanted junk and clutter fromĀ  1200sf basement, we swept up and put everything that could be salvaged in a presentable fashion. While we specialize in junk hauling, we make sure to take the extra time to finish the job and sweep up so that the space is show ready.

Although this post is primarily focused on providing foreclosure cleanup Indianapolis can trust, a relevant topic that may also help in dealing with the foreclosure process is moving services. Our brother company, Moving Dawgs among the best moving companies Indianapolis can trust. Why is this service helpful? Not everything within a foreclosure is trash; sometimes, we come across items that you may want to see donated or sent to charitable outlets, in example, piano’s or nice furniture. Our brother moving company is incredibly helpful during this process.

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