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Firefighter Trash Removal

Sep 9, 2012 | Blog, Services We Provide

Firefighter Trash Removal in Indianapolis

“Owned and Operated by Firefighters” is a badge of honor that we use to advertise our service. When you search for junk removal or trash hauling, try prefacing that search phrase with the word firefighter in front of it and you will have an appreciation for a business that not only provides the service you are looking for, but is also run by the people that live in and protect your neighborhoods. Within the firefighting brotherhood, you will also find a bunch of competitive men and women, so I don’t think the other operations will take too much offense to us saying that when it comes to firefighter trash removal, Fire Dawgs is the best!


I recently had a competitor approach me at a an event and although he originally appeared to be friendly, he soon started making unkind remarks about how it’s not fair for us to be in business because he said we “are not dependent upon the income.” He then went so far as to say that “while you guys are up there fighting fire, or pretending to fight fire, I’m trying to scratch out a living.” Now, I appreciate a man trying to make his way in the world as much as the next guy, but when you do so by putting down your competition and then try to downgrade my profession, you are on thin ice. The men and women that serve in the fire protection industry put their lives on the line every day they show up to roll call. We don’t know when the burners, car accidents or medical emergencies are going to come, but it is our job to be ready. That takes a level of commitment, dedication and professionalism that is unparalleled.

That type of work ethic transitions into our off duty jobs and at Fire Dawgs, we treat each customer like we would at the fire department. Every client is like a job interview and every job we treat like the real thing. The next time you have a need for firefighter trash removal in Indianapolis, give us a call at 317-291-DAWG!

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