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Dumpster Alternative

Nov 20, 2016 | Services We Provide

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Whether it’s your town, city ordinances or the rules of your garbage company, there is always a list of items they won’t take. They won’t take old computers, electronics, furniture or any other junk you may have accumulated. However, we are a full service hauling company that provides a garbage removal alternative; not only will we take the items they refuse, we’ll also clean up the area afterwards. So long as it’s not hazardous materials, we will do all the dirty work and you can consider everything else gone! Your trash company will leave you with extra work… we pick up their slack! Our company sets the standard for quality customer service so give us a shot and we will be your go to company for the future when you need a garbage removal alternative!

Have you seen one of the Ugly Green monster’s pictured above sitting in your neighbor’s driveway? Perhaps they were rusty blue or orange instead? Before calling a dumpster rental service, consider this:

  • You will have to pay for the dumpster
  • Possibly damage your driveway
  • You will have weight limits, restrictions on items and numerous surcharges (Ask for a Surcharge List)
  • You will have to either pay for labor or load the debris and trash yourself
  • The dumpster will be taking up space at your home and the eyesore will sit there until they schedule a date to come pick it back up

Now, consider the dumpster alternative. When you hire Fire Dawgs, we show up with our mini dump truck which is the size of your average residential dumpster and is more than enough to handle an overwhelming majority of jobs. However, here are the key differences:

  • Screened, Uniformed Employees: Off Duty Firefighters, Veterans, and Service Members
  • We do all the work for you, regardless of where the junk and debris is located in your house or on your property
  • We cost almost the same as what it costs you to rent a 16 Cubic Yard dumpster except WE DO ALL THE WORK TOO!
  • Let me repeat, for almost the same cost to have someone drop off a dumpster for you to do the work, we will show up with our mini-dump truck and do all the work for you!
  • We don’t have additional surcharges that we will apply after the job is completed. Dumpster rental companies will charge you extra after they go to the dump if you exceed weight limits, put certain items in, etc. We Charge Up Front Pricing!

Image of Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Services truck

**16 Cubic Yard Match Program: You call us with the cost of a 16 Cubic Yard Dumpster from a rental company, find out your weight limit with the dumpster and if we can Match The Cost or Beat It then we will! Of course, the main difference and advantage is that WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU!!

We can provide you a reasonable, affordable alternative to dumpster rental that will save you money, but we can also provide you with these great services below:

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