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Don’t Let Junk Pile Up Around Your House

Aug 12, 2012 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

We Don’t Let Junk Pile Up Around Your House!

It starts out harmless. You have something large, bulky and it has worn out its use or is just another piece destined for the trash pile. Like picks up, you forget to break it down or set it out for heavy trash day and then, like a powerful magnet, it begins to attract an inordinate amount of it’s brother trash pieces or sister unwanted junk items. You then look at the pile and become a little overwhelmed and think that rather than stress about what to do with the pile now that it’s gotten out of hand, you are just going to turn a blink eye. After all, out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong.

What happens is that this pile never really is out of sight. It’s just somewhere that you choose not to look at. However, have you ever considered what that pile mixed with trash, junk or unwanted items can mean for your property? Let me just give you an example of what has jumped out at us during these types of trash pickup in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas.

Our first culprit, the Shed. A customer had let things collect, pile up and deteriorate. You could tell at one point the shed was in good condition and was serving its purpose but over a short period of time had become a hot spot for trash. This junk pile then began to pile up and become neglected, thus making it a new leaps and bounds facility for rodents and insects. By the time we got there to take care of the problem, we had a myriad of large insects scattering, spiders crawling and an opossum was just b bopping around tryin to find its way out. In the end, we had to tear the shed apart because it had begun rotting.

The coveted Garage, Man Cave or just an organized storage facility. What started out as a depot for an Ikea box turned out to be, what the customer had used it for at least, was an overgrown trash can. What started out as a temporary landing spot became a home for overfill and soon the garage was no longer functional and was completely infested. We pulled up bags where maggots were underneath and rotting food made the stench unbearable.

Now, we absolutely do not mind the work, but we just like to advise customers that they can give us a call sooner in the future because these types of environments are not only the kind that make you want to close your eyes and disappear, but they are also an unhealthy breeding ground for any number of things that can pose a risk to your home’s normal homeostasis. Regardless, when you need someone to take care of a problem, we are there to help. If we can chip in a little preventitive maintenance, we will do that too!

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