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Do you pickup, recycle or donate used exercise equipment?

Mar 14, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you pickup, recycle or donate used exercise equipment?

Answer: The answer is Yes, Yes and Yes. Let’s start with the exercise equipment pickup process. For starters, we encourage customers to visit our very informative and transparent website that aims to answer every possible question that customers might have pertaining to our business. (If you think of one that we haven’t answered, then email it to [email protected] so we can help you and future customers.) After scrolling through our website, you will hopefully have found a wide variety of useful information but at some point you want to know about Pricing. That depends on the amount of exercise equipment needing picked up. On our Pricing page we have a load size calculator that will give you a price range to expect based on the amount of exercise equipment, or other household items, that you are needing removed. Click Here to visit the calculator.


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Now, when you are looking at those price ranges, keep in mind that our pricing is all inclusive. What that means is that it includes not only our labor to remove the items, but also our efforts to take them to a variety of donation sites. Normally, we are able to find at least one donation center out of the many we frequent so that the equipment can have a second life. However, if the equipment is too old, some of the donation centers won’t take the items since they are able to fund their operations by being able to re-sell the items. If the items have lived out their use, then we have to move on to the next option which is recycling. So long as the equipment is made of a material that we can recycle, then we will take these items to recycling centers.

Now, to better understand our pricing, you also have to consider the multiple trips that it may take for us to pickup, recycle and/or donate your items. Often times, we have a couple hours wrapped up in the whole appointment and multiple trips so our all inclusive pricing includes the overall cost of our labor for that associated time and the various trips to donation centers and recycling centers. Last, if we are unable to recycle or donate we will have to dispose of the item and disposal comes with a disposal fee. So, I hope that better answers your question and helps you better understand the cost associated with the process!

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Heavy Exercise Equipment

We hope we’ve answered Do you pickup, recycle or donate used exercise equipment? If you have any questions related to junk removal, recycling, or repurposing please give us a call at 317-291-DAWG

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