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Do I Need An Estimate For Junk Removal Services?

Mar 4, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Estimate For Junk Removal Services? That’s a question a lot of customers of our customer ask us when they call our customer service team at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. But is an estimate for your junk removal service required before your service? We answer that question and all that below! Keep reading our blog to find out our answer.

Do I Need An Estimate For Junk Removal Services?

Question: Do I Need An Estimate For Junk Removal Services?

Answer: The answer to this question is Yes. For starters, if you visit our pricing page, you will be able to see an online calculator that provides various illustrations with price ranges assigned to different load types. This gives customers an estimate of sorts so they have a rough idea of what they are getting into ahead of time. REMEMBER, when looking at our calculator, the price range includes all fuel, disposal fees, labor and our efforts to recycle, reuse, and donate on the customer’s behalf — so, the price is all inclusive. We also illustrate our pricing for heavy materials, brush, etc…

But how do we give you an exact estimate? We do this by scheduling a free, in-person estimate on your junk removal service. We schedule an appointment and send out one of our two-person crews to your home or property. Before beginning work, they provide a firm, no obligation quote that you can accept or decline. If you accept, our team will get to work on your service. If not, our team will shake hands with you and be on their way — all free of charge!

Why Is An Estimate For Junk Removal Service Necessary?

But why is an estimate for junk removal services necessary? Our hope is that our customer becomes familiar and comfortable price range before scheduling. We believe in valuing each others time when it comes to our junk removal services. Our guiding principle is to: “Treat every customer the way you would want your family to be treated.” In the event the customer was a little off in their estimate and the firm quote exceeds the range a customer had in mind, then the customer can decline the service at that time and we will shake hands and move on to the next appointment.

Are you interested in getting a free, in-person estimate on one of our many junk removal services? Keep reading to find out how you can get yours today!

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