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Why It Is Important to Declutter in Indianapolis

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Why It Is Important to Declutter in Indianapolis

When the leaves start falling, it might as well be a signal that I won’t be able to use my garage for the next 5 months. Outdoor yard furniture gets moved in for the winter, porch furniture makes way for holiday decorating and that sets the process in motion. Soon after, all the large boxes/toys from our son’s birthday that he won’t be ready to play with for a few more months take up a temporary residence. At this point, it should be time to declutter in Indianapolis.

Declutter in Indianapolis

Does Your Garage look like this? Its Time to Declutter in Indianapolis

Next, it’s the leftover cardboard boxes from Christmas that my wife and I always plan on getting to right after the holidays; that’s not even including the furniture pieces in our home that have out worn their welcome and will now sit in the garage to make room for something new. As a result, I found myself cleaning out the garage every March. What would have been the simple process of just moving out the outdoor furniture turned into an all day event because the garage became a cluttered mess. Now that I’ve established some experience in this matter, let me tell you why it is important to declutter in Indianapolis.

  1.  If you take care of the clutter throughout the year, it will save you time and trouble later in the year or at a later day. You can accomplish this by taking the trash to recycling centers or transfer stations yourself or you can load up donations and take them to a charitable organization. You can also call a company like Fire Dawgs Junk Removal to take care of it for you.
  2. Indianapolis is filled with Eco-Friendly Solutions! Visit Keep Indianapolis Beautiful ( to find friendly disposal solutions on recycling cardboard, mattresses, old appliances, brush and much more.
  3. Decluttering makes you feel good! Take it from me, when I get that garage back to neutral it feels invigorating. I find myself smiling because in that moment I know I can get back to using my garage for things I actually want to use it for rather than an unprofitable storage unit.
  4. 4. Blank Slate – Once you’ve got it organized again, don’t let it get disorganized! It will eliminate future stress.

If you have questions on why it is important to declutter in Indianapolis, email [email protected] or call 317-291-DAWG.

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