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Curbside Trash Pick Up Indianapolis

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Curbside Trash Pick Up Indianapolis

At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we provide an array of services to help customers get rid of unwanted items, take care of the dirty work and do the heavy lifting. Within our company, we have a division that provides demolition services, site preparation and tear outs for remodels, construction or restoration projects to name a few. On the other side of the house, we have our day to day removal operation that will clean out your basement, attic or garage; we can take care of the large TV in your basement, the brush in your back yard or just some leftover construction debris.

With these services comes a price. We are a business and as such we send screened, uniform and fully insured removers to provide the service. If you want us to take care of the removal from soup to nuts, then we won’t be the most expensive, but we also will not be the cheapest. However, if you are looking for curbside trash pick up Indianapolis can trust, then we’re just as competitive as anyone you can find on the internet or otherwise.

For us, curbside trash pick up Indianapolis can trust is about finding an affordable alternative to the bulk trash that is cluttering up your house but that your normal trash removal service will not take. Since you are setting the item out beside your garage or out on the curb, you are also taking care of the labor element therefore enabling us to charge much less.

For curbside trash pick up Indianapolis can trust, we will take pretty much anything except hazardous materials or liquids.
If you have questions about curbside trash pick up Indianapolis residents can use, then call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] for additional questions.

For more information about our curbside trash pick up and junk removal services check out our Google+ page. 

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