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Curbside Junk Removal Company in Indianapolis

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Do you have a small amount of junk that you need to get rid? Are you looking to get rid of it, but don’t want to do anymore work than just moving it out to your curb? Interested in calling a curbside junk removal company Indianapolis in to come by and pick it up for YOU? Then look no further than the fastest, friendliest, and toughest junk hauling company in Indianapolis with Fire Dawgs Junk Removal! Our team of junk removal pros can assist you with your Indianapolis curbside junk removal service! But why choose Fire Dawgs? Keep reading to learn more about our curbside junk removal service.

Curbside Junk Removal Company in Indianapolis

More About Curbside Junk Removal

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a junk removal servicing Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Primarily, we perform scheduled appointments with designated arrival windows. This is in part due to the fact that some junk removal jobs are larger than others and have a few more working parts. However, other jobs can be accomplished quickly and are not complicated at all.

Nonetheless, in an effort to be up front with our customers and to set clear expectations, we try to create a process that is easy to understand and easy to replicate. But, we’ve also found that there is another type of customer that needs just your most basic removal service and are willing to take some of the work out of junk removal by placing the items near the curb. In an effort to satisfy the needs of our customers, we are also a curbside junk removal company in Indianapolis. But how does curbside junk hauling Indianapolis work?

How Curbside Junk Removal Works

  1. Call our team at 317-291-DAWG or contact us through our online portal to schedule your service
  2. A team member will assist you in booking your curbside junk hauling Indianapolis service.
  3. Check with our customer service rep to see if our crews have same day availability.
  4. Before your service, move your item out on your curbside so our team can back their dump truck up to it and load it into our truck.
  5. At the time of your appointment, our two-man crew will drive by, pick-up your item, place it into our truck, and be off!
  6. Following your job, our office will call you to make sure your Indianapolis curbside junk pick-up service was to your satisfaction!

But How Much Does Curbside Junk Removal Indianapolis Cost?

For you your Indianapolis curbside junk removal service, we provide each customer with our curbside discount. Meaning we subtract this from you original cost of your Indianapolis junk removal service. But how do we gauge the cost of our service? We do this by measuring the amount of volume your items take up in one of our cleaned, logoed, and fully equipped 16-cubic yard mini dump trucks. But what is the price range? Our minimum start at $99 for a refrigerator size load or smaller and goes all the way up to a full truck! But how do we determine this? With one of our free, in-person estimates! Check out our pricing page for more information. Don’t wait, call today to schedule with the best curbside junk removal company in Indianapolis!

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Call Today to Book Your Curbside Junk Removal Service!

Give us a ring at 317-291-DAWG or contact us online to schedule your curbside junk removal Indianapolis service. Text us at 317-597-4744 for more information on our Indianapolis junk hauling services and estimates. See our work in action on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and TikTok to see how we’re helping Indianapolis get clutter-free! Before you go, check out our customer loyalty program and learn more about how you can join the Dawg Pack and get in on future savings!

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