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Cleanout REO Properties

Jan 24, 2013 | Blog, Services We Provide

When a real estate owned property, or REO property comes into possession of a lending institution (typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer) it often comes to them already in a state of disrepair. Often times, the properties will come with dead lawns or overgrown grass. However, curb appeal is only on the outside and often times what is waiting on the inside can often be much worse. Bank REO properties are generally in poor condition and need repairs and maintenance, both to satisfy property upkeep laws and to preserve and prepare the property for sale. Maintenance is generally the responsibility of the mortgage servicerand is often in turn provided by a specialized service provider that can cleanout REO properties, such as Fire Dawgs.

Cleanout REO Properties
“Before” picture of REO Cleanout

Cleanout REO Properties

While these distressed properties can sometimes be an eye sore from the outside, sometimes they aren’t necessarily in disrepair so much as they are just filled with a large amount of miscellaneous items and “junk.” As in the picture above, the property sometimes has just been leased out by different tenants over the years and the basement storage space just continued to fill up with junk and loose debris. The challenge becomes that not only is there a lot of heavy items that need to be moved from the basement to the main floor, but then those items need to be properly disposed of. Sure, you can rent a dumpster and leave it outside your facility as you slowly move items from the basement to the outside, but this may take days if not weeks with an eye sore of a dumpster outside your facility. OR you can call the trusted professionals at Fire Dawgs and let us get all the work done for you in one fell swoop. We send our screened, uniformed employees and have them get to work. They show up in our junk removal trucks that are no eye sores, but are instead family friendly branded trucks. Our guys get to work and in no time the items are in our trucks and have been properly disposed of. When we’re all finished, we even sweep up afterwards!

The next time you have a need for a company to cleanout REO properties, then call the BBB A+ Rated and Recipient of the 2020 Torch Award for Business of Integrity Winners at Junk Dawgs. If you are in need a company to cleanout REO properties because of the relocation process, consider our brother company Moving Dawgs.

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