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Brush Pile Removal in Indianapolis

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Ever find yourself tackling a backyard project in order to improve the aesthetics of your living space only to find that you may have just ended up creating a larger mess than what was there before? What started out as cutting down some small bushes turned into removing larger overgrown bushes and before long you’re cutting down a small tree! Before long, you have a brush pile in your backyard rivaling the size of your garage. Fear not, you just need to call us for brush pile removal in Indianapolis and you will have the space you envisioned before firing up the chainsaw.

brush pile removal in Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs can Tackle Any Brush Pile!

We encounter large piles of brush like this on a daily basis and while they can be very cumbersome and time consuming to clean up, we don’t back away from any challenge and always get the job done. Being that brush is primarily composed of organic waste, we are able to charge less than typical junk removal or debris removal because we take organic waste to recycling centers like GreenCycle where they will break down the brush and turn it into mulch and other useful material

However, as I mentioned before, brush pile removal in Indianapolis can be labor intensive and take up a lot of time so that we remove the pile down the last few leaves. In doing so, we commit a minimum of two team members to the removal process and as such incur fees to provide the service. The service starts at $100 for a pickup truck load size of brush. However, if your brush pile is the size of 5 pickup truck loads, then you could be looking at a fee of $400. If you are in between those load sizes then you are also in between those price points. It’s a fair wage given the amount of loading, unloading, transporting and disposal/recycling involved with brush pile removal in Indianapolis.

Call 317-291-DAWG for email [email protected] and our highly reviewed team will take care of you from start to finish!

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