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Best Downsizing Companies in Indianapolis

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Are you a senior looking to downsize your living situation? Or do you have a senior in your life that is in dire need transition into a smaller space? If this sounds like your situation, then you should look into hiring a downsizing company to help you. But what is a downsizing? Downsizing is the act of reducing clutter and moving into a smaller dwelling in order to simplify day-to-day living. But choosing the right company can be hard, especially with this being such a sensitive topic. Here at Fire Dawgs, we’ve put together a list of the best downsizing companies in Indianapolis! But how exactly can a downsizing company help you? Keep reading to learn more!

Best Downsizing Companies in Indianapolis


A professional downsizing company can help alleviate the stress of having to downsize yours or another senior’s living situation. They help strategize, plan, and organize your living space to make it easier for seniors to live and operate in. Additionally, they can help with getting rid of clutter and other useless items that take up space in your home. Some companies even assist in helping seniors transitioning from one place of residence to another — guiding them throughout the whole moving process. But you may still be wondering which downsizing companies are reliable enough to pull off this task in the Indianapolis area. Keep reading to learn about the highest rated downsizing companies near you!

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In no particular order, here are the best professional downsizing companies in Indianapolis:

  • Linda’s Daughter — Linda’s Daughter Senior Downsizing reduces the worry & work for seniors and their families throughout metro Indy. They help organize your space, declutter items, preserve or store keepsakes, and help you move and unpack your items.
    • “We used Linda’s Daughter to help go through the 40+ years of documents from my late father’s company and other activities to help my mother organize his office. Anne Marie was so very caring, understanding, and worked very well with my mother, doing a great job keeping her to task and helping tackle such a massive project. I highly recommend!!” — Megan A., Google
  • Caring Transitions Indy West — Caring Transitions offers a total stress-free relocation & downsizing solution for seniors. They handle all of the details from start to finish. They service Northwest and West Indianapolis.
    • “Paul assisted in the smooth transition of downsizing my large condo to a smaller condo. Everything was handled professional and went very smooth. Highly recommend.” — Peggy M., Google
  • Life Transitions — Life Transitions is an Indianapolis moving company that brings peace of mind and takes the work and worry out of moving. They help with move management, downsizing for seniors, and even home management.
    • “Have used Life Transitions twice, the first time downsizing from a large home into an apt., the second time, moving into a ranch home. Exceptional service & staff. They did all the packing AND unpacking. Jan & Sean & every crew member are kind, careful, & professional. In my 37 lifetime moves, would rate Life Transitions as the best experience.” — Emily M., Google
  • Fire Dawgs Junk Removal — Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a veteran owned and fire fighter founded junk removal company that can help you get your space back! Whether it’s getting you clutter-free, or assisting you in moving your items from one location to another — our Tough Dawgs can get “IT” done!
    • “Excellent service start to finish. Communication was simply and very timely via both text and phone. Scheduling was very easy with expectations clearly communicated. Pricing / quote clearly explained up front and verified on site. Cameron and Dustin were polite, friendly and worked very fast. Highly recommend.” — Andrew M., Google

We hope we provided you with good information on the best down sizing companies in Indianapolis! But are you looking for a trusted and reliable team that can help you with your downsizing AND put an effort on recycling and donating as much as they can? Then give the Dawg Tough team Fire Dawgs Junk Removal a call today for a free estimate on your downsizing service! But how can you get a firm, free, no-obligation quote on your service? Keep reading to find out! But first, check our video with our commercial partner Linda’s Daughter as to why you should hire Fire Dawgs Junk Removal!


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