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Bathroom Demo Companies in Indianapolis

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Bathroom remodels can get out of hand quickly. You walk in and start picking out paint colors for a cheap, change it up project. Soon, you start talking it over with your wife or partner and then the paint doesn’t seem like enough. You start talking about the, “What if we put the tub there and moved the sink here so that we can have…” – You’re done for! Paint only is no longer an option. At this point, you may be looking for demo companies in Indianapolis.

Now, you’re moving walls, ripping out drywall and stripping the flooring to make room for the bathroom you’ve always needed. However, who is taking care of the demo? Do you know how to navigate around plumbing, electrical and HVAC when taking care of the demo services? I know it looks fun on TV when you see the Property Brothers swinging a sledge hammer, but there is a lot more to it than that. Before you get in over your head, look for bathroom demo companies in Indianapolis like Fire Dawgs Junk Removal.

Bathroom Demo Companies in Indianapolis
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Our professional demo teams can take the project from the early stages of concept to the final stage of demo where the bathroom is a blank canvas and down to the studs, almost like it is a new construction job site. However, what is unique about our team, is that not only will we navigate the mechanicals and electrical hiding behind the walls when tackling the demo, we also protect the remainder of the house so that none of the debris or dust gets into the HVAC system or adjoining rooms. We accomplish this with our site preparation services that are part of our demo package.

Our General Contractors or Remodeling Company partners can see the project through to the completed product so if you need a recommendation for skilled tradesmen, let us know.For more information on bathroom demo companies in Indianapolis, please email [email protected] or call 317-291-DAWG. And if you end up doing the demo work yourself and need a dumpster to dispose of the debris, check out our dumpsters over at Dumpster Dawgs.

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