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Basement Trash Hauling Indianapolis

When your space or, in this case, basement is overrun with clutter and unwanted items, it is the job of a reputable junk removal company in Indianapolis to put itself in front of the consumer; however, it should be the job of the customer to sift through the companies that have successfully advertised their service. When considering what company to use, consider the validity of their claims and whether or not they are supported by customer reviews, afoordable rates and if they are locally owned and operated. In these tough economic times, it’s more important now than ever to shop local and take care of the companies that are doing their part to keep businesses open in the area and are weathering the storm. Now, just because a company is local, that doesn’t always mean they are reputable. Be aware of companies with phony reviews; it’s too easy on sites like Google for someone to create an email account and then write fake reviews for their own company. Go to sites like Angie’s List where both businesses and customers are vetted.

Finally, look for a company whose actions speak as loud or louder than their words. At Fire Dawgs, we are locally owned and operated by off duty firefighters and all of our employees are screened. We are highly reviewed by credible outlets such as Angie’s List where we have had 23 A+ reviews in the past 3 months. Most importantly, we stand behind our work and frequently post before and after pictures from our work. On this most recent job, we were called for basement trash hauling in Indianapolis. The couple handling the estate had their work cut out for them when it came to the basement and the garage and so they called us for the dirty¬†work and heavy lifting. We gave them a fair price and got to work immediately.

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