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A Dresser Junk Removal Job Gets Restored in Indianapolis

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A lot of customers, when they call in to our Junk Dawgs HQ, ask us the question “what do you do with the junk that you remove?” We LOVE this question, because it allows us the opportunity to separate ourselves from those competitors that are not interested in going the extra mile. You see, here at Junk Dawgs, we make every effort to take the trash, junk or waste and find responsible disposal solutions. We do this by placing an emphasis on Reusing, Reducing and Recycling as many items as we can. Another “R” in our landfill reduction process is Re-Purposing. You see, Household Junk Removal is a typical service call for us and as a result of that particular service, we sometimes come across items that deserve a second chance in the rotation of life and use.

For example, when we get called for dresser junk removal, a lot of times the dressers that we are hauling away are in good enough condition that we can donate those items on the customer’s behalf. When we are able to donate dresser’s on the customer’s behalf, we then send the receipt back to the customer so they can take advantage of their item being back in the hands of people that need it. Now, there is that fine line when an item can’t be donated, but doesn’t necessarily deserve the death sentence by being sent to the dump or landfill. An example of that is below:

Dresser Junk Removal Before Restoration

As you can see (I know, the picture could be a big bigger), this dresser has seen better days. Based on the customer description, we found out that the dresser was around 30 years old, but wasn’t of a quality craftsmanship necessarily. So, it wasn’t quite that Junk Gypsy antique quality, but it still had value enough that it could be turned into something unique. You see, with a little vision and excitement about what you do with your life, you can find something challenging and productive in a lot of the “mundane” things that you do. Hauling Trash may sound as monotonous as it gets, but when you put a creative spin on things, you can find that items that one person considered trash and then turn it into a functional piece of furniture like the same dresser you saw above that is now pictured below.

Dresser Junk Removal and Restoration – Completed

See, when I look at the before and after pictures from this piece of furniture that was destined for the landfill or dump, I get EXCITED! It’s fun to think that not only did we turn something that was no longer aesthetically pleasing and turned it into almost a brand new dresser. It’s not in the dump, it’s still functional and it’s another day for the team at Fire Dawgs! Now, aside from having a taste for the creative, at the end of the day we are junk removal company owned and operated by firefighters, veterans and service members. So, don’t be fooled by the restoration, we are still #JunkDawgsTough ?

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