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3 Reasons to Hire Companies from Angie’s List

Aug 25, 2012 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

Something just went wrong in your house, or you are now getting around to that project that you have been putting off. Whether it’s calling someone over to snake the shower drain or if you are finally getting around to cleaning out your basement and now need to hire someone to provide junk removal Indianapolis can trust, the next dreaded step is finding someone to take care of the work for you. Luckily Angie’s List can help. Keep reading to learn about 3 Reasons to Hire Companies from Angie’s List!

3 Reasons to Hire Companies from Angie’s List

Why You Should Hire Companies from Angie’s List

1. Initial Screening:

The thing about Angie’s List that is admirable in the beginning is that they don’t just let any company that offers junk hauling or plumbing onto their site. Before you can even be put in front of paying Angie’s List customers, you have to actually have been sought out by a satisfied customer. Meaning, a customer has to find your business and give you a satisfied report before you can start advertising. That’s good because it means a company can’t just sign up and then start advertising how great they are. You have to get a good “grade” first.

2. Disclosure.

Companies have to divulge a number of things about their company when they sign up. For example, they have to disclose if they have the proper licensing, insurance and other accredidations associated with their business. However, they are fair also in that if your trade doesn’t require a license, Angie’s List will let customers know that as well. If a company doesn’t disclose this info, and Angie’s isn’t telling you they don’t need it, then you need to ask yourself “Why?” and then just move on.

3. Reviews and lots of them!

The best part of this company is that a company has to stand behind their reviews. Customer have the upper hand when it comes to the reviews which is how it should be. Since the customers are also paying customers to be a part of the website, most of the time, you are going to get customers that will only give you a bad review if you truly deserve it. Unlike some free sites, where anyone can sign up with an email address, you may have some flagrant attacks by rival companies, but with Angie’s List, they even provide you an opportunity to respond as the business owner if you get a bad review. Look for the company with the most reviews and in the most recent time frame; then, go read those reviews and make sure they have some substance. After that, you will surely find a company you can trust.

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