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Construction Waste Removal Indianapolis

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Do you have a pile of construction waste from a home improvement project that you would like to get rid of? Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is here to help! We offer affordable, full service construction waste removal in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Whether your unwanted construction debris is piled up in your garage or outside on your property, we can handle hauling it away quickly and efficiently. We can remove items as light as drywall or as heavy as concrete (or heavier). Keep reading to learn more about our full service construction waste removal Indianapolis customers can trust.

Construction Waste Removal Indianapolis

More on Construction Waste Removal Indianapolis Customers Trust!

When you call Fire Dawgs Junk Removal for construction waste removal Indianapolis and the surrounding area can rely on, you know that you will be getting trained, experienced haulers who know how to get your job done right. We are a veteran and firefighter founded company. Our team is trained to pay attention to detail and work efficiently. Rest assured that our crews will waste no time on your job, saving you money. We are also local, so when you call us for construction waste removal, you are supporting Indianapolis small business! Additionally, we will recycle as much of your construction waste and debris that we can. At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we strive to recycle, donate, or reuse at least 60% of the unwanted materials that we haul away for our customers. But how do we handle an Indianapolis construction waste removal service?

How Does Fire Dawgs Help With Indianapolis Construction Waste Removal?

We start every construction waste removal Indianapolis service by sending a two-person crew to your location. Every team shows up with a fully loaded 16-cubic yard mini dump truck, equipped with all the tools to handle your debris. Upon arrival, our team will greet you and ask to get an eye on your debris. After taking note of any difficulties for your service, our crew chief will provide you with the final cost of service. Accept or reject you estimate at no charge to you.

If you agree to your quote, our team will begin loading all your debris into our dump truck. We will work fast and efficiently to get rid of your items. After we secure all your debris, our team will provide you a final tour of your space to make sure all your debris was taken by our team. Then we’ll sweep up, shake your hand, and be off to serve another customer. Sound like the service you’re looking for? We’re happy to hear it! But how much construction waste removal Indianapolis services cost?

But What Is The Price For Construction Debris Disposal Indianapolis?

Our construction debris removal service is based on how much debris we haul away during your project. Included in your total cost is all the labor, transportation, and disposal fees! Do you have heavy materials? Click here to view our surcharge list. For more information on our cost of service, head on over to our pricing page. Want a discount? Head on over to our junk removal deals and savings page for more information. Book online and save $20 instantly! Are you a veteran, active military, nurse, teacher, firefighter, EMS, or police officer? You may qualify for our community hero discount. Looking to get started with the Tough Dawgs that get “IT” done? We’re happy to hear it! But how else can we help you in Indianapolis?

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We provide our full list of junk hauling and demolition projects to Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Some of our most requested services include:

See our full list of services by visiting our services page. Eager to get started with Fire Dawgs? We’re happy to hear it! Keep reading to learn how you’re getting your free, no-obligation quote on your construction waste removal Indianapolis.


Our customer service team is ready to serve you! Pick-up the phone and call our office at 317-291-DAWG or contact us online to schedule your construction debris removal service. But do you have more questions about our Indianapolis junk removal and estimates services? Then text us at 317-597-4744 and a team member will get that back to with information you need.

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At Fire Dawgs, we love showing off the work we do for our customers! To see all the ways we’re getting clients clutter-free, then give us a follow on our social media pages at Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and TikTok to see our latest jobs and projects! We hope we provided you with good information on Construction Waste Removal Indianapolis and look forward to serving you in the Indianapolis area in the near future.

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